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I get a lot of requests for someone to do a portrait doll, prototypes and custom orders. I do not do portrait dolls. I have established a page with links to artists, below.

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Links to Original Artist/ Designers who offer their services for Portrait Dolls, sculpting a likeness in clay

  • Anja Phillips - beautiful dolls in comission from photos and my own creations- OOAK babies, fairies and more You can see examples of dolls in comission from photos and my own creations: life-like babies, portrait dolls, life-sized wax figurines, miniature fairies and other citizens of the forest. An english language link is on the page LOCATION: Germany

  • Angela Dugan's Originals Where you can become a Work of Art. If you are looking for an alternative to having a Portrait painted on a flat canvas? Portrait Art Dolls are the perfect way to be remembered. They are works of art that can be examined, held and treasured as family heirlooms. Future generations can get a 3-Dimensional sense of what Grandma or Grandpa really looked like on their Wedding day or any other special time in their lives. Aside from capturing an amazing likeness, I strive to include every little detail that makes you unique. Whether it be your dimples, the way you stand or that spark in your eye. I've also, been know to perform mini-plastic surgery by enhancing or minimizing anything that doesn't compromise the likeness of the doll. For example: enhancing the bust-line, cinching the waist and making that little double chin disappear is not a problem. It's a beautiful way to preserve a special occasion or any moment in time. Each and everyone of my creations whether they be Cake Tops, Bride dolls, Baby dolls or dear old Grandpa (mini to life-size) are a labor of love and an incredible challenge. There are far too many details and options to mention at this time, but can honestly say that I haven't come across the impossible, yet. Please, allow me the honor of making you and your loved ones a work of art. Please, contact Angela Dugan for pricing and availability. Thank you. LOCATION: California

  • Custom Cake Toppers I make custom cake toppers from your photos. Unique one of a kind keepsakes to remember your special day. Reasonable prices. LOCATION Washington, USA

  • Christina Mikulasek - Sculptor Portraiture is a specialty of mine, which I enjoy doing in either two or three dimensions. Always I try to capture the spirit of the subject... after all, that's what Art is.... LOCATION: Shelton, WA

  • Gallery of Victor Short The gallery of Victor Short including resume and contact info. LOCATION: Newfoundland, Canada

  • Gladson Creations Leah Gladson of Gladson Creations, a self taught Figurative Sculptor specializing in portraits. I also do faeries that are sold on Ebay. I have been sculpting for about seven years. I am a past winner of the AADA Doll Challenge held every year in May. I have been published twice, once for my winning 2002 AADA Doll Challenge sculpture in the November 2002 Doll Crafter Magazine and once for the portrait of Joanna Stanley commission in the September 2004 issue of Contemporary Doll Collectors Magazine. The portraits you see here are some that I have done for the pure pleasure of recreating the likeness of a famous person. I guess you could say that I take pride in how realistic I can make them appear! I also do commissions of portraits for those who are not so famous!! LOCATION: Austell, GA

  • Gallery of one of Custom photo -to real dolls

    With the skills of many years sculpting as well awards, I will design a look alike sculpt from your favorite photo of your child or yourself.

    Details are simply amazing down to a favorite toy or blanket. I have even sculpted that little hen pet. Darling picture on web site.

    If you would like quote, or just general information Please view the web site.

    LOCATION: Atlanta, Ga

  • Heidi Maiers - Portrait Sculptor Traditional, custom portrait sculpture offered of people and pets in any size. Available in polymer, ceramic, resin, and bronze. Site also offers instruction book, online lessons, several demos, and tips. LOCATION: Mesa, AZ

  • Isabelle Nuncq Artist portrait dolls in porcelain LOCATION: France

  • June Goodnow June Goodnow, an artist member of the National Institute of American Doll Artists, NIADA, since 1976, creates one-of-a-kind fine art dolls in polymer clay. She also creates silicone molds for casting her limited editions in resin. June's works are in private collections everywhere. One of her original fine art dolls, Nez Perce Woman, is in the MusseŽ des arts Decortifs, Paris, France. Other works are in collections in Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Switzerland, Germany and Lebanon. LOCATION:Sioux City, IA

  • Just Like me Dolls Just Like Me dolls are professional, hand-made creations from Anne Myatt. By special request, Anne can create a custom doll from a child's picture. Cherish your child's smile and brite eyes for years to come! Give a gift that becomes a cherished family heirloom.

  • Joy Doll Manufacturer of collectible vinyl dolls. For your original designs into reality. We are professional vinyl doll mold and kits maker especial in developing new creations made of hard/soft vinyl or silicon/vinyl dolls line. LOCATION: China

  • Laura Tuzio-Ross Doll sculptor of OOAK Babies.

    Mini, Medium and Life Size babies can be custom ordered.

    Custom Portrait Illustration available.

  • Lewis Goldstein Art and Design Lewis sculpts and teaches water-based clay techniques. He offers seminars, videos, design tutorials, design services fine art prints and more. he also offers: commercial models created to your specifications , dolls, toys & figurines sculpted from your photos or drawings. finished models available in porcelain, wax or plaster, custom molds & production molds, complete confidentiality consulting from conception to marketing. LOCATION: Sherwood, OR

  • Mark A. Dennis, Doll Artist Mark specializes in sculpting one-of-a-kind portrait dolls from polymer clay. Call for pricing and availability. Mark has been creating his art for over 20 years with imagination, sensitivity and character. His attention to detail in his life-like wildlife pieces and his ability to capture the spirit of whimsy in his fantasy pieces are just two of the many reasons that young and old alike are attracted to his art. He captures the movement of life in his art.

  • -Pet Portraits by Julie Palmer - UK based artist Julie Palmer creates paintings of your dog, pet or loved one in pastel or oils. Working from photographs, portraits can be commissioned no matter what the distance. LOCATION United Kingdom

  • -Realistic portrait dolls Specializing in portrait dolls OOAK or reborn in molds sculpt by her. Luciana Miglioranzi is a master of realist babies. LOCATION Brazil

  • Miraclebabydolls.com



    Rachel Early is a portrait baby doll artist withe 30 years sculpting experience. She has won awards in International doll competitions and specializes in life size baby doll portraits. LOCATION: Box 4069 Elmira, NY 14904

  • Pauline Middleton Original Dolls Pauline Middleton specialises in wonderful sculptures of Australian Aboriginal and African American children. She is also available for commissioned portrait dolls. Her work is being recognised throughout the world. LOCATION:Inverloch, Victoria. Australia

  • PFC Studios The art of Philippe and Charisse Farau. Philippe's interest in the human portrait has grown out of years teaching for the porcelain industry. After assisting over 1000 students he has come to love the challenge of capturing a likeness in clay. Regardless of the gender, race or age of his subject matter, he studies the emotions and develops the most minute details that transform a piece from a basic portrait study to a universal commentary on the human spirit. Call for details about commissioned portraits in terra cotta, bronze, or marble. LOCATION:Honeoye, NY 14471, PH:585-229-2976

  • Sh-Boom Character & Sculpture Studio Sh-Boom Character & Sculpture Studio provides custom sculpture & fabrication services from client's original 2D or 3D art for character maquettes, animation studies, figurines, action figure, doll and toy prototypes to life size character icons and museum quality statues. LOCATION:Orlando, Florida US

  • Victoria Stautzenberger, Portrait Sculptor The Sculpted Portrait -A delicate rendering of a child, an elegant portrayal of a woman's strength, or capturing the proud likeness of a family patriarch in a unique and endearing style. Portrait sculpture is a treasure that will be cherished for generations to come. LOCATION:Telephone; (817) 451-0785

Life-Molding Services
  • Pink House Studios Pink House Sudios is a life-molding company. We ourselves have been making molds from live models for over thirty years. We make them, we teach how to make them, and we make available to other artists, the best possible materials instructional videos, and technology for life-molding. We're the life-molding specialists; ask us. Phone us at (802) 524-7191

Links to Doll artist who offer their services for making porcelain Portrait Dolls (not original sculpts), and reborns.

  • Exclusively Handmade Looks like me dolls are 36" tall designed to look like your favorite child. You choose skin tone, hair color and style. Dolls wears a sized 3 toddler clothing and size 4 children's shoe. You dress or we dress. LOCATION: Georgia

  • Just like you Dolls On our site you will find beautiful,hand painted and crafted dolls in Vinyl and Polymer Clay.

    ALL dolls on our site are originals and can not be recreated!!

    To create the Reborn & Newborn Artist Dolls,we begin with sculpts by: Berenguer,Secrist,Middleton,and more.

    All of our Play Dolls are high quality vinyl that will last for years. These dolls have also been handpainted and are OOAK. We offer Polymer Clay Babies and Fairies by some of the best artists today! We do Photo Dolls and Raggedy Dolls too. A new item we are offering is a comfort doll for newborns we have called Sim~Soos. Great baby shower gifts!! LOCATION: Ottawa, Ont.

  • Treasured Lamb Portrait Dolls Kathryn McBride specializes in portrait dolls made to match photos of children from 6 mo to 7 years of age. The dolls are life-like and clothes are made to match phot. LOCATION: Beavercreek, OH

  • Lifelike Reborn Babies Our site offers custom made reborn dolls. We offer silicone/vinyl and vinyl dolls. Some features we offer is custom reborning where you choose the hair color, length, weight, eye color etc. OR we also offer portrait babies..Which is where you send us a photo of a baby and we recreate the baby into a silicone/vinyl or vinyl lifelike doll. LOCATION: New Hampshire

  • Welcome to Forever Yours Dolls - We offer Handcrafted Look-Alike Dolls from babies to Grandmas, for celebrations and memories. Also available - over 800 antique reproduction and modern dolls custom ordered only.For the doll maker, we offer SFGW, bisque, Seeley & Master Eye Beveler suppliesClasses are taught in our Chesapeake studio on all levels of porcelain doll expertise from beginner to winner by Seeley certified doll instructors. LOCATION: Virginia

Original Designers - Artists offering their services for sculpting cartoons, 3D modeling and Caricatures

  • It's ming! 3d toon shop Artist Hou Soon Ming specializes in cartoon and character 3d modelling and also offers services for sculpting a human in caricature style. LOCATION: Singapore

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