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Augustus, a one-of-a-kind, porcelain original by Michelle Lightner is the artist's interpretation of a Roman Emperor (not intended to be a portrait). As was most sculptures of Roman Dignity, "Gus" is sculpted with an innocent, almost child-like face. His authentic 4th. century A.D. costuming includes:

  • OUTER GARMENTS: The outer tunic is a simple affair, made of one square of cloth, seamed together at the sides with an oval slit for the head. As was customary in these times, the Emperor's tunic is embellished with gold. The color white was worn by the emperor to depict their purity.
  • The Imperial Toga, or Toga Piraetexta, (so called for the lavish embroidery work and pictures on the togas of that era) was semicircular in shape and had a wide curved edge. As was customary in those days, his toga is made of silk.

  • His belt is made of scarlet (a hue, or shade of purple) silk. Much attention was paid to how the garment was "girded", or belted.

  • UNDERGARMENTS: A loin cloth, or a subligaculum was considered necessary for decency.
    His inner-tunic, shorter and narrower than the outer one, is called a subucula. This was often referred to as the inner tunica.

  • Agustus' shoes are handmade by the artist to depict typical shoes of the era and trimmed in gold.

  • He holds a DECREE in his hands as he is addressing his empire.
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