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This page is dedicated to the Angler Series of Catch and Release Porcelain Dolls.
Other dolls are on display in The Gallery


The Angler.
The first in a series of fine quality porcelain dolls dedicated to those who care about preserving the future of our waters and streams, and our future as fly fishers.



The Angler Series is Copyrighted and Trade Dress Laws Apply.
The Angler is an ORIGINAL DESIGNER doll available exclusively, in a Limited Edition of 10, through Elegant Portrayals Design Studio. Each doll is produced from the artist's work mold and direct-sculpted to prepare all porcelain pieces and accessories.
Full Picture Geoffrey is an original sculpture by Michelle Lightner. He stands approximately 30" tall, to the tip of his fly rod. The costume has been designed to replicate an authentic casting shirt, fly fishing vest and light-weight waders. He has been designed using a wire armature and is permanently posed on a sturdy, wooden stand. Catch & Release Geoffrey has molded and hand-painted hair, moustache, and side-burns. His embroidered "Catch and Release" hat symbolizes the meaning of the series.
Trout He holds a hand-painted, porcelain trout in his hands, ready for "immediate release." The trout is hand-painted by the artist to replicate a Rainbow, Brown or Cut Throat.
Rod Geoffrey's fly rod is made of bamboo material, with hand-wrapped guides and hand-tied flies. The handle and reel are sculpted in porcelain, trimmed in 14K White Gold and hand-painted by the artist. Vest

A view of the back of the vest, detailing the zippered pockets and net holder.
NET The sculpted porcelain net is hand
painted by the artist and completed with netting to depict the "Catch and Release" net.

A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each doll, with the number of the edition documented. Each doll is signed by the artist on the back of the breast plate and china fired to preserve the signature.

Costume Want to CUSTOMIZE your doll??

Each doll may be hand-painted in varying hair and eye color and coordinated with a variety of color schemes, depending on the availability of fabric. To check out a larger picture of the actual costuming, click on the thumbnail to the left and then go BACK to return to this page. The trout can be painted to replicate the trout of your choice. If you would like to develop "The Angler" to suit your own personal taste, please fill out the Feedback Form to discuss the designs available.

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