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Flower RuleON-line Auctions

  • Arts N Dolls - A New Free Auction site especially for OOAK and Reborn Doll Artist's and Collectors.

  • Doll and Art Live Auctions - Please join us at the most comprehensive Auction site around.....geared towards All Artists!!!OOAK Doll artists, Reborn artists, as well as all kinds of art and supplies offered on DollandArtLive.com. Buyers are always FREE....no final percentage fees charged...Low listing fees...Optional Membership levels for more discounted savings!

  • Dudleys Auction Please visit our web site for more pics. and info. LOCATION: Inverness, Florida

  • Online Shopping and Auction Store Now do online shopping which gives you better alternate to buy daily required products from auction portal through most convenient and easy concept of shopping. It provides you new era of online shopping.

  • Skip Domingos Auctions We have an amazing Vintage/Antique Doll Collection up for Auction on Saturday, December 16th 2006 in Petaluma, California. We have Heubach's, Many rare China heads, Jumeau's, Several French Fashions, 19th Century Germany Keywinds, Armand Marseille, Black German paper mache, Parian's, Jumeau SFBJ music box w/ 6 dancing dolls, 19th Century doll furniture, Milliner, Circa 1850's china heads and more. We have over 100 lots that are going up for auction!

  • Phoebus Auction Gallery 450 antique and collectors dolls at auction, including 19th. Century German Bisque Dolls, Simon & Halbig, Armand Marseille, Heinrick Handwerch, J.D. Kestner, Kathy Kruse, Heubach Kloppeldorf, Schoenhuf, W.D. Bebe, China Doll House Dolls, Collector Dolls by Ashton Drake, Seymour Mann, Gobel, Danbury & Franklin Mint, Madame Alexander, Victoria Ashley, Dolly Dingle. Modern Dolls by Effanbee, Cabbage Patch, Ideal, Bride Dolls, Black Babies and More. Accessories including doll houses, upholstered and wooden doll furniture and tea sets.LOCATION: VA.

  • Theriault's Auction firm of rare and antique dolls.

Flower RuleDoll Reference Sites for Collectors

  • Doll Collector Classifieds Classifieds for Doll, Bears, Barbies, Toys... Collectors Buy, Sell, Trade, Private Party Ads!

  • Doll Find A Valuable Doll Information Resource and Directory.

  • - Doll Price Guide - Our guide has pictures, descriptions and prices for lots collectible dolls. Updated weekly.

  • Doll Reference A guide to identify dolls. Antique to Vintage, over 4,000+ photo's, descriptions, mostly dolls made in the 1950's-1970's but adding all eras and types of dolls. Dolls are listed by manufacture. If you know the dolls name, use the search box to locate it quickly. Some dolls are the following: Bericht - (German) Bild Lilli Doll, Britian's - Pedigree Toy's Sindy & friends dolls, Deluxe Reading - Penny Brite Doll, Hasbro - Dolly & Flower Darlings, Show biz babies, Storykins, Leggy, World of Love Dolls , Horsman - Mary Poppins, Ideal - Crissy, Tara, Cinnamon, Velvet, Tiffany & TuesdayTaylor & Flatsy Dolls, Kenner - Dusty Doll, Mattel - Liddle Kiddles, Barbie & Friends, Upsy-Downsy's, Sunshine Family, Honey Hill Bunch Dolls, Mary Quant - (England) Daisy Doll, Mego Corp. - Sonny & Cher Celebrity Dolls, Topper Corp. - Dawn & friends. LOCATION: USA


Flower RuleSites Specializing in Antique Dolls for Sale

  • A Century Of Dolls Clothes A large variety of affordable Dolls & Doll Clothes - spanning a century of time. Antique, Vintage, Contemporary. New Bears and accessories. LOCATION: Pennsylvania

  • Coeur-de-famille We offer antique reproduction china head dolls that are entirely produced by hand in the old tradition. LOCATION:USA

  • Diane's Antique Dolls Antique & Collectable Dolls. British doll site offering antique dolls and collectable dolls including wax bisque composition and celluloid through to hard plastic dolls of the 40s and 50s and vintage fashion dolls such as Sindy Barbie Pippa and Tressy. LOCATION: United Kingdom

  • Antique Vintage Dolls This site offers a variety of beautiful antique dolls and vintage dolls, as well as vintage doll clothes, dating from over 100 years old up to the 1970s. Examples some of the antique dolls for sale on-line are antique German dolls, antique porcelain dolls, antique china dolls, antique all-bisque dolls, antique Japanese dolls and Chinese dolls, vintage black dolls, other ethnic or international dolls, kewpie dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, and many more. Antique dolls are added on a monthly basis. The site owner is an individual collector who loves antique dolls and the traditions they represent.

  • Emmie's Doll CastleHigh quality antique dolls, including French, German, Kestner, K*R, Armand Marsielle. Doll accessories and clothing, Antique Victorian Christmas ornaments and decorations, and other collectibles. LOCATION: 400 W. 32nd Court, Sand Springs, Ok. 74063

  • nancys-dolls-antiques.com. Find Antique Dolls, China Dolls, Vintage Barbie Dolls, Doll Houses and more.

  • Time Roman -Dolls and Teddy bears Specializes in Antique Dolls and Bears and more. Doll clothing, wigs, and accessories. Wonderful Antique Doll site. And we run the museum of antique Dolls and AUTOMATA& -(KOBE DOLL MUSEUM) LOCATION:KOBE, JAPAN

Flower RuleSites Specializing in Barbies, Bride Dolls and Fashion Dolls for Sale

  • Barbie dolls Shop online for a wide variety of Barbie dolls and great deals on beautiful. Barbie collectibles! Find the right one for yourself at dollmarket.com. LOCATION: USA

  • LM banner Barbie at The Little Doll. FREE APPRAISALS on Vintage Barbies dolls, friends and accessories. Buy, sell and trade at The Little Doll!! Antique toys and dolls for sale too! Chat room, Identify your dolls, Links, WebRings and Free Graphics!LOCATION: USA

  • BARBIE COLLECTIBLE DOLLS AND MORE We carry a full line of Collectible Barbie dolls and much more. LOCATION: New York

  • Bridal Miniatures Inc. Have your most beloved gowns and dresses recreated in miniature to cherish forever.<br>We create replicas of bridal gowns on 15" wire mannequins from a photo of the bride. Take a look at our photo gallery! LOCATION: Pennsylvania USA

  • Clea Bella, by Christine "Bogie" Bougas We offer 15 1/2 - 16 inch fashion dolls with a theme. Our story line starts with The Childrens Imagination Factory featuring ballerina dolls in various costumes and period outfits LOCATION: South Pasadena, California

  • Everything Barbie online A resource site for Barbie collectors.

  • FashionFanFair OOAK Dolls n Fashions - We specialize in OOAK Barbie and Kelly Makeovers. Unique designs from Victorian era, Marie Antoinette, and also Fantasy designs. LOCATION: Arizona

  • NiniMomo Creations Mattel licensed, NiniMomo Creations offers one-of-a-kind customized Barbie Dolls in a pageant theme. LOCATION:New York, USA

  • My Sindy British Sindy is a 12 inch vinyl fashion doll like Tammy of the USA. She has beautiful fashions and a wonderful history. LOCATION: UK


Flower RuleSites Specializing in Contemporary Dolls and/or Contemporary Art for Sale

  • Absolutely Beautiful & Unique Dolls Absolutely beautiful and unique dolls from my private collection. Liquidating due to illness.

  • All Dolls A full service doll gallery for makers and collectors, specializing in contemporary dolls.

  • Lugansk Art Gallery Selling paintings and other artworks for sale - Lugansk Art Gallery. Remarkable drawings, paintings and sculpture for sale.

Flower RuleSites Specializing in Christmas Items and Santas for Sale


Flower RuleSites Specializing in Ethnic Dolls for Sale

  • Black dolls & black figurines for the black doll collector.- Black Dolls to Love is the premier retail website featuring dolls only. We have a large selection of African American collectible dolls, African American play babies (children's play dolls) and African American figurines. We specialize in the following doll makers: Lee Middleton, Corolle, Berenguer, and Madame Alexander. We also carry beautiful black angel figurines, clown figurines and many other black figurines. LOCATION: California

  • Doll Market Dolls by Gwen Bentley. Specializing in hard-to-find multi-cultural and African American dolls.

  • CollectRareStuff.com Delicately hand-made Chinese and Japanese cloth dolls. Reasonably priced. New dolls will be constantly added. We also carry discounted Asian movies VCD or DVDLOCATION: P. O. Box 711522, Salt Lake City, UT. 84171, USA

  • Ethnic Dolls from Around the World Photo's and descriptions of my private collection of International and Regional costume dolls from around the World. LOCATION: Ireland

  • Judy's Ethnic Dolls Judy makes and sells 23" Vinyl Collectible African-American, Hispanic, and Asian Toddler dolls. They wear real baby clothes, very adorable innocent faces. LOCATION:Virginia Beach, VA

  • Mary's Dolls Handmade modern reproduction porcelain dolls featuring African-American toddler dolls. Also includes; Shay, Hannah Rose, Chyna, Jamacia, Flossie, Caitlan, Jade, Tulip, Petey, Penny, Charla, Ashley, Lucinda, Roselea, Delia and more. LOCATION: Pomona, CA.

  • Nesting dolls - Wooden toys at Matrioshka Shop As The seller of Nesting dolls - wooden toys in Russia we have used all our knowledge and experience to offer you, the best selection of nesting dolls that are available today from ourselves. LOCATION: Russia

  • Porcelain Dolls and More We have American and Russian porcelain dolls, Russian Lomonosov porcelain tea and coffee sets, Russian Gzhel porcelain decorative items and miniature porcelain tea sets. LOCATION: Florida

  • Queens Of Africa The Queens Of Africa dolls is an arm of the Queens Of Africa project whose aim is to Empower the African Girl child all over the World, by stressing the importance of Education, encouraging the girls to be confident and believe in herself. Also by promoting the virtues of Love, Peace and Endurance. A comic and a 3 song album is available as part of the tool to drive the message. There are two ranges in the Queens Of Africa dolls 1) The standard which comes in evening ware with symbolic colours (white - Peace, Red - Love and Gold - Endurance) and 2) The One Of A Kind (OOAK) which are carefully hand made with Nigerian fabric and materials, with typical african hair style each doll come with a stand. This range is for collectors and those who wish to identify with the project. LOCATION: Nigeria

  • Dolls of India: Life like cloth dolls and more

  • The Doll Market Handcrafted, multi-cultural porcelain and vinyl collectible dolls. Specializing in hard-to-find African American collectible porcelain dolls, doll making supplies and accessories. LOCATION: 7105 Tarragon Court.



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