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Links to Original Artist/ Designers offering Instructions, Seminars, Classes.

  • Absolute Japan Hand-and-tailor made Japanese Kimeokomi dolls by Nadia Azumi. Reproduction of 18th. century characters depicting Kabuki Noh theatre, Samurais, and Geishas. Online classes, teacher's certification and professorship. Doll kits, tools and fabrics for sale. Dolls are signed by Nadia and dated.LOCATION: Rockville, MD.

  • Akioko's Washington Japanese Doll and Craft School: Gago Master, Akiko Keene, gives information and classes on Japanese dolls and crafts including the history and origin of Kimekomi,Oyama, Warabe, Gosho, Hagiota, Oshie, Washi and more. Location: Potomac, MD USA.

  • - ANTONETTE CELY DOLLS Learn how to design and create better dolls from the top doll artists Antonette Cely.

  • Berdine & Mike Creedy Artist classes, Sculpting and mold making seminars.

  • Creager Studios Artist Jodi and Richard Creager present their exquisite artist dolls as well as videos and instructional material.The Anatomy Series of videos highlight a study of the human anatomy, for ethnic studies including African-American and Asian. LOCATION Cottage Grove, OR

  • Johnston Original Art Dolls/ProSculpt - Original Artist, teacher, Sculpting seminars, books & videos. Jack Johnston is one of the leading doll making instructors in the nation. His site carries everything you need to make a one-of-a-kind artdoll. LOCATION Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Judith Klawitter Originals Judith is one-of -kind sculptor, most known for her very realistic Santa's. Her work includes every thing from cowboys to spiritual sculptures and is frequently seen in Better Homes and Gardens "Santa Clause" magazines,as well as museums ,gallery's and even the "white house". For the last 12 years, Judith has been teaching sculpting classes in her home studio. By popular request, she has produced a 4 1/2 hour video which teaches her special techniques on sculpting realistic wrinkles,anatomy -all the beginner to the pro needs to know about sculpting a realistic head.The video also includes info. on sculpting a "life size" Santa head. It is available in a kit form,so that every one will have all the special tools she uses.The kit also includes her " special suppliers list",which has everything from beards,bodies, eyes and lots more! Her web site offers on-site purchase and contact information. LOCATION: 2303 River Rd, Missoula,MT.59801

  • Magic Skin" doll sculpting video This new 'Magic Skin' sculpting technique allows you to get a clean, smooth finish without all that horrible, time-consuming 'blending', and handling of the clay. Therefore, you are able to end up with a much cleaner piece, lots faster than can be imagined. The people who have ordered the video, have given me feedback that they can't believe how my new technique solves the 'dirty clay' problem, as there is much less handling of the clay.It sure does beat the old way of adding little bits of clay and having to 'blend' and 'blend' and blend' until your arm almost falls off. Sculpting is actually 'FUN' again. Another nice thing about this new video, is that you watch me create a polymer clay doll head from start to finish, including building the armature. The 'Magic Skin' technique works equally well for adult, children or baby doll sculpting. You do not need any special tools with this method. LOCATION: June Goodnow, Orlando, California

  • June Goodnow, Artist Dolls June Goodnow is an artist member of the National Institute of American Doll Artists, NIADA, since 1976. June creates one-of-a-kind fine art dolls in polymer clay. She also creates silicone molds for casting limited editions in resin. Within the pages of her web site you will learn more about this remarkable woman and her wonderful talent. See for yourself the unbelievably life-like representations of everyday people, unique characters, old home-folks, with a Norman Rockwell appeal and her amazing portrait dolls of Native Americans.LOCATION Orlando, CA.

  • Lewis Goldstein Art and Design Lewis Goldstein's book was one of the first I purchased when exploring doll sculpting. I'm glad to see he has a presence on the web. Lewis has been known as "The Dollfather" and I've followed his books, seminars and instructions. He sculpts and teaches water-based clay techniques. He offers seminars, videos, design tutorials, design services fine art prints and more. he also offers: commercial models created to your specifications , dolls, toys & figurines sculpted from your photos or drawings. finished models available in porcelain, wax or plaster, custom molds & production molds, complete confidentiality consulting from conception to marketing LOCATION: Sherwood, OR

  • Marlaine Verhelst Original artist, sculpting seminars, workshops and instructions.

  • Mindstorm, Inc Master Dollmakers Video Series.

  • Wee Folk Creations A resource for polymer clay supplies, instructional videos, collectibles.

  • Click Here to Visit! The Doll top 100 lists sites based on their rankings. Lots of other sites and information.


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