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Designer Porcelain Dolls And Resources

Lady Jelena -
A 26 inch, One-of-a-Kind polymer
clay sculpt by Michelle Lightner

About the Artist and her dolls:

Michelle Lightner is an Original Doll Designer. Her porcelain doll art is sculpted in water-based clay (earthenware or porcelain). She creates plaster molds from the sculpt, refines and cleans the original to produce artist "work" molds. The limited edition dolls are casted in porcelain using these molds. NO PRODUCTION MOLDS ARE USED OR SOLD.

One-of-a-kind art dolls are sculpted in polymer clay.

All of Michelle's dolls can be viewed at The Figurative Sculpture Gallery.

  • THE DOLL AS ART - What is a Designer Original or Limited Edition Doll?

    Ever wonder what the difference is between an Artist Doll and a Designer Doll? How do they compare to mass-produced dolls? What is a One-of-A-Kind or a Limited-Edition? We have a page dedicated to a brief explanation of the procedures and processes that go into creating original dolls and descriptions of the doll making processes at The Doll Page.

    Our primary interest is to promote the doll as art and provide resources for those interested in dolls.

  • Tips & Techniques Links to tips and techniques, articles and tips for Doll makers. A MUST See!!

  • Artists specializing in portrait dolls, sculpting a likeness in clay I get a lot of emails and phone calls regarding commissioned work and portrait dolls. I do not do these, but have established a links page to artist who specialize in portrait dolls and prototypes.

  • Room for Everyone!

    If you're a doll maker, studio owner, teacher, or connected to this interest in any way we invite your feedback and hope the resources available on our site is of assistance to you. We invite you to link to us by sending your site information on the Reply Page.

  • The Angler Series of Catch and Release Dolls is dedicated to the preservation of our waters and streams. The Angler was awarded a first place, blue ribbon at the Rocky Mountain Doll Fantasy, Denver,CO. October 1999. His companion, Chauncey was also awarded a blue ribbon.

  • Doll Articles - Written by doll artist for the doll maker. Doll Articles Current articles are written from the artist's perspective. Includes articles about criteria for the original artist and competitions. Sculpting a Doll - Part I. Where do ideas come from? The first in a series about sculpting dolls.

  • Sculpting a doll - Part II- Choosing your medium. A discussion about Natural Clays and Polymer clays - the advantages and properties of each.

  • For the Designer - LINK TO US

    If you would like to link to our Designer Links Pages, go to the Reply Page and send us your information. To qualify you must sculpt original designs, as described in The Doll Page. There are also lots of helpful sculpting, costuming, and resource links at Other Doll Links.

  • For the Collector - Resource Pages -

    Whether you are a doll enthusiast or a serious collector, you will find the information and resources you need on our links pages. If you're interested in collecting designer dolls, please visit our figurative sculpture gallery and the links shown on the Designer Links Pages. Specific Collectors and Retailers/Reseller Links can be found at Collectors doll links.

  • Before you buy or sell a collectible-

    visit these Doll Hospitals and Appraiser Links


      Michelle's Original Watercolor Paintings - a gallery of her original paintings can be seen, here

      Enjoy the new art!

  • BOOKS -

    The artist has compiled a list of books which have been valuable to her as a sculptor and a collector. You can purchase these books online here

  • Machine embroidery links and information are on the: Embroidery Page.

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